Preventing back pain, neck pain and falls

Correcting your posture | Strengthening your muscles | Working on your balance

Recurring back pain?

Neck pain?

A tailored programme for long-term relief with “l’école du dos” (the ‘back school’)!

Cabinet de physiothérapie Rive droite - prévention douleurs dorsales

What is the “l’école du dos” back school?

The back school treatment method helps you correct your posture in order to prevent or treat lower back (lumbar) pain, back pain and neck pain aiming at long-term relief.

You will be offered a personalised programme based on your capabilities and expectations.

What is the treatment procedure?

Our therapists will teach you progressive exercises tailored to your strength, muscle elasticity, the way you change position and the way you sit or stand, incorporating breathing work.

They also assess the right positions to suit your occupation and show you strength exercises for sitting and standing that are easy to do at work and any time during the day.

At the end of the treatment, you will be offered dynamic strengthening exercises to ensure that you maintain the gains you have made.

How can you avoid falling?

Train your balance and muscle tone!

Cabinet de physiothérapie Rive droite - prévention des chutes - équilibre et tonicité

Nasty falls can happen very fast!

Have you noticed a loss of balance as you get older?

Sudden dizziness that makes you sway?

Do your legs occasionally give way?

To prevent falls or avoid future falls, our therapists will set up a programme ofstatic and dynamic exercises to improve your balance, work on your proprioception, i.e. your perception of your body, and strengthen your key muscles.

Toned muscles, strong legs and better balance will help you avoid accidents and stumbles!