The techniques

Manual or shockwave therapy

Back pain? Osteoarthritis?


Treat musculoskeletal disorders with manual therapy

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Manual therapy: a tailored therapeutic approach

Manual therapy is an approach used by physiotherapists to treat acute or chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

These include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), soft tissue rheumatism, osteoporosis and back pain.

In the majority of cases, musculoskeletal disorders involve a loss of mobility and also range of movement in the joints and stiffness.

These limitations can cause changes in posture or mobility, cause discomfort, pain and sometimes impair the ability to perform certain everyday activities.

Manual therapy therefore seeks to restore mobility to joint segments by restoring fluidity of movement based on the bio-mechanics of the joints in the human body.

The techniques are varied and specific to each joint and the physiotherapist generally combines mobilisation (passive and repetitive movement of the joints) with muscular control exercises.

We practice the TMS Institute and Gepro techniques.

Suffering from tendonitis?

Pain in the hip, shins or heels?

When walking becomes a struggle.

Cabinet de physiothérapie Rive droite - thérapie par ondes de choc (ESWT) - douleurs musculo-squelettiques

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is a new therapy technique mainly used in the musculoskeletal area.

Shock waves are mechanical waves with powerful physical properties.

The aim of the treatment is toapply a series of impacts to the affected body area.

The body will respond by increasing its metabolic activity in the painful area, stimulating and accelerating the healing process.

They can be used for example in treating:

Various tendinopathies and enthesopathies (tendon inflammations),Periostitis (pain and tension in the legs),Calcaneal spur (a pointed bony outgrowth that forms on the underside of the heel bone),Plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the tissue that runs through the sole of the foot),Bursitis (swelling of a bursa in the hip, shoulder, knee or elbow).


Cabinet de physiothérapie Rive droite - thérapie par ondes de choc (ESWT) - douleurs musculo-squelettiques

A form of brief therapy where the practitioner uses hypnosis to relieve or resolve many disorders: pain, addiction, phobia, depression, digestion, sleep.